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June 08, 2011

Day 1: Don't ever stop in Chinle

misfits in the morning [the sun was ridiculously bright hence the faces]

annnd we're on our way...

[Chinle, AZ]
ever since we left Flagstaff, AZ there were crazy winds and dust storms that didn't really stop until we hit Colorado

somehow we strayed from our original route (119) and made an unplanned stop at the Four Corners 

and ate indian fry bread :)

 we found our way back to the 191!

delirious driver...

are we there yet?

looks like a snowman right?

We finally made it to Colorado and our stopping point was in Palisade where our friend Chelsea was staying -just our luck! Palisade is right outside of Grand Junction and they are known for their peaches but unfortunately we were too early for peach season.

First day down. See you in CO.

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